**Crowdfunding Update – August 2019**

Yes! We’ve reached our second important milestone in month one of launch. Can’t say thank you enough to our brilliant customers and friends for their support. Let’s get this smashed! Read through the story below and get yourself involved in creating a real industry revolution. 


It’s been our dream to create the perfect destination, an uber-cool place created for, and used by its customers, friends and followers. Without the constraints imposed by corporate outsiders, we’re free to shape Mavericks just the way we want it.

Finding the perfect Venue within the North Wales area has been a real challenge – but a challenge we’ve overcome non-the less. As you read this, we’re busy making plans to fit-out an incredible space, fill it with interesting, relevant and entertaining things to see, do, buy, experience and share. You’re going to love it.

Making It Happen

To make this dream a reality for us all, we needed to raise an additional £140,000. We decided early to adopt ‘Reward-Based Crowdfunding’ – meaning we can get everyone involved, raise the funds we need and give you all a brilliant rewards package starting immediately plus years of enjoyment, benefits, experiences and much much more.This is only the start!

 What Can I Expect?

We’ll bring together a high-standard of workmanship, a fantastic mix of unique events, social occasions which bring us all together, travel experiences to lift our spirits, food and drinks to tempt the palette, an ever-changing and stimulating environment where friends, families and colleagues can meet to relax and kick-back. We’ll bring you practical, affordable and useful clothing, accessories and products all tested in house and chosen to meet our high standards, we’ll showcase a range of beautiful machines to admire, purchase and discuss. We’ll introduce arts, culture, music and exhibitions to offer a whole new perspective on a range of subjects too.

66338739_2303414393207597_6300750695775600640_nGet the picture?  If it sounds like your kind of place, please support the cause and get your name on the wall! 

Mavericks Members Club

Welcome to the ‘Mavericks Members Club’. With varying levels of membership and rewards there’s a perfect package for everyone. Happy faces all round!


Membership is one-off – it’s not annual. It’s about creating an involved community and building something special with you in mind. So let’s shape the future together whilst receiving a range of benefits, special offers, freebies, experiences, members only events and privileges.

Thanks again for getting involved, we can’t make it happen without you. Are you ready to become an official Maverick?