3 Ways to Own a Custom Bike

As summer ends and Autumn arrives, Mavericks are now taking orders for ‘Winter’ custom bike projects. It’s time to turn your dreams into two-wheeled reality. Read more….


At Mavericks, a custom bike means something different to each and every customer. Style, budget and purpose are of course headline considerations. This year, we’ve put together a range of options to suit just about everyone, right in time for Christmas or ready to hit the road next Spring.

One-Off Custom

You know exactly what you want and it’s got to be absolutely perfect. Take a custom frame, a monster powerplant, trick running gear, outlandish suspension and enough special parts to shame McLaren. This is the world of true custom bikes, where every part is carefully considered and sits perfectly within a stunning build backdrop.


A custom build starts with your dream, a design and a plan. Speak to the team at Mavericks and see just how affordable a one-off machine really is. Prices start from £9,000 with payment plans available.

Donor Build

You’ve always lusted after a certain bike, but it has to be right for you, just the way you want it. Donor bikes are the perfect route to owning and riding a completely unique bike. Find yourself a suitable donor, preferably in good running order – don’t be seduced by non-running ‘shed projects’ which take more to fix that build. Then we’ll put a build plan together and start work to have her ready for Spring, for Christmas or perhaps a special occasion.


Speak to the team at Mavericks, we can advise on suitable donor bikes and even source one for you. With monthly payment plans available, now is the perfect time to turn your dreams into two-wheeled reality.

Modified Build

You love your current bike, maybe it’s been sat patently waiting for you to start modifying and now, as the seasons change, your thoughts are turning to customisation and having it just right for next spring. At Mavericks, we’ve access to thousands of cool aftermarket parts and accessories from around the globe, not to mention a host of engineering skills.


If you’re ready to talk turkey, we can help put together a customisation plan and help source parts & accessories. With monthly payment plans available, you’ve no excuse not to turn your current bike into your dream bike.

Easy Payment Solutions

Working with Mavericks is pretty straightforward. Between us, we’ll agree the build plan, prepare an estimate and let you spread the cost over a period to suit you. We’ll leave you to make payments whenever you can until the build is complete. Then the bike is yours. Simple – Build as you go.

If you’ve a custom project or project bike in mind and the time is right, give the team at Mavericks a call on 01244 682547, email ride@motorcyclemavericks.co.uk or just PM us through Facebook. We can then get together, chew over the build & get cracking.


“These guys provided a fantastic service with honest and professional workmanship and advice. I would recommend them to anyone. Cant wait to get out on my GSX 1400 at the weekend, Thanks for all the work you have done, Great quality work, Great company”

“I recently had my Honda motorsport back from Mavericks motorcycles, its the second bike I have had work done by these guys, the workmanship and professionalism as I said before is second to none, they put a big smile on my face and will definitely do business with them again. A big thanks to all you Guy’s”

“Just picked my bike up from you guys. Spot on service and a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommend to anyone needing anything doing on their bikes, absolute gents. See you again soon”

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